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With all of the different devices out there for just the iOS, how does one go about designing for all, without having to backtrack again and again.

What am I talking about specifically? Well let’s review Apple’s current iOS line of products.

The older iPhone 3 displays at 320×480, the new retina display on the iPhone 4 sports a resolution twice that size, and the iPad sits at a monstrous 1024×768. Oh, and let’s not forget that Apple will more than likely introduce an iPad with the retina display in the not to distant future, as well as, rumors have been circling about the Apple TV getting App capabilities.

I ran into this issue when developing a new App for the iPad and iPhone back before the iPhone 4 was released. So what is the best course of action? I found a great write up today over at Global Moxie with an in depth look into how to design for what seems to be a never ending problem.


UPDATE: Apple TV was not updated with the App capabilities, I was thinking it SHOULD HAVE!  However, from everything I have read, it is built on the iOS platform…so it is a possibility in the future.