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Hello, I am full stack developer focused on architecting and building web and mobile applications.

Who am I?

You are looking at a self taught senior level developer with over 10 years of development experience. I have immersed myself in both front-end, back-end, and mobile technologies, and have worked with high traffic consumer sites (100M+ page views a month). As crazy as it sounds, I love what I do.

What do I do?

In short, I build stuff...or help other’s build stuff. Most recently, I have been focused on native iOS apps, and the API’s that sit behind these apps. However, I still do a lot of work in Wordpress, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and other front end technologies, such as, HTML5, CSS3, Javscript, SASS, Angular, and Ember.

Securing your Wordpress AdminMore Notes

Plugin | Wordpress06.04.15

Even had a brute force bot attack on your login page? Even if you aren't sure, you probably have. The issue with Wordpress and it's login and admin pages, is that anyone can type in wp-login.php and be presented with the login screen. Let's fix that.

Past Clients

Other projects I have worked on in 2014 have come from these clients.